Connection of Bolt Wifi Module

I have created my first project name Light Monitoring System and i want to collect the data for the whole day (24 hours). So, should i need to connect the Bolt Wifi Module to the Power Supply for the whole time or just i disconnect it from the power supply and then reconnect it after some times ??

Since the bolt module does not have any internal battery, it requires constant power supply and WiFi connection for operation. You may use a power bank if required.


Yeah you may have to keep the WiFi module on for 24 hrs by connecting it to power supply or simply choose the option of push data to cloud to gather more data but this would provide you identical values
So I suggest you to keep the WiFi module on for more time to get different kinds of data so that you can analyse data more nicely @faizanhaaris


Yaa ! You have to keep your wi-fi module on with power supply for gathering data of whole day

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The bolt module does not have internal battery or power source to run itself. IF you need more data points in a short time then you an click the deploy button rally quickly (leave a 10 second gap) otherwise if you need for 24 hours then you will have to keep it connected to laptop/ power bank/ charging port.

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Yes, you need to give constant supply and internet connection as well to the module. You can do it with charger or through the powerbank.
Hope this helps. Thankyou

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