Connection of bolt with cloud app

I have connected bolt to cloud app. But the app is showing as in the image. What will I do??

try it again , it will show the same steps shown in the video and in the troubleshoot.
Initially use a wifi ,it will be easy to connect .
try to use a wifi with need not require ip address to connect.

Try the same procedure again by taking the guidelines of the video.
check whether the wifi connection is available and that it is connected or not.

@sunainathk make sure that your wifi module is connected to adaptor with power supply and blue LED blinks slows. Please go through the three steps given by the blot app . Still if ur facing trouble with it,then login your ID in another android phone and try to add the device. I have faced the same problem,i sorted it this way and i hope it helps you.

first switch off the mobile data and try to connect will connect definitly…

Try the whole procedure again and don’t use your mobile data in which you have app installed use a Wi-Fi connection of different phone instead it will connect definitely