Connection of my bolt courses deny

hello, I am dismissed when I try to get in bolt courses, it says that coupon invalid or expired

i also unable to access my course

Hi @sorikaba8,

You have used a different email for login into training platform 2 months ago and that coupon code is used by your previous email id. Directly visit the and used your older email id to login into your account.

Hi @ankursharmaplus,

You are already enrolled in the trainings.Visit and login with your email id and password.

Also share the screenshot of the error.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Haii, I am Pavithra from college name. I enrolled for the course name and I completed 80 percentage of tasks. And now I am unable to access the course. Instead of that, it takes me into the home page.
How can I enter into that page through my login credentials??

Hi @rahul.singh1

I am facing the same problem, unlike @ankursharmaplus i am using the same login Id and password, yet it doesn’t let me access my training, it shows wrong password but when i try to reset it , it says account not found. I don’t know how to proceed please help.

i have my course access code, and also i’m able to access everything else except my training.

Update: I was able to login Successfully!

For those who are still confused how to access, after you access your dashboard , click training in the left hand side column, then click “Go to Course”, the page that you will taken to will be displaying 100% discount, on the top right click Sign Up and enter the details. After you do that, you should be good to go with Everything.

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I did not change my email id.

Hi @rahul.singh1,
I got enrolled with this email, and I had been using till it stopped working.

I am still using the same Email but, it is saying that my coupon is expired.

In the right top corner there is a log in option .Use it to access your course.

Hi @sorikaba8

You had used incorrect email while enrolling in the course for the first time. And now that you are signing in using your correct email id, you are not able to access the course as the code had been already used up earlier.

PFB your email ids that have been registered in our system.

Do you want us to provide access to your correct email id? Your course completion will be reset in that case.