Connection problem with boltwifi module

First,You have to install Bolt Iot app from playstore, then you need to add your bolt device.
Turn power ON your bolt wifi module,it will start its local wifi hotspot and it shoudl operate on 2.4GHZ. Enter the password of your WIFI and to verify click on the “eye” symbol the click on connect. The bolt will restart and connect to provided WIFI and the blue LED on ESP8266 chip will be stable ensuring the connection of bolt wifi module.
Thank You!

now i am also facing same issue as well as while connecting to wifi module it is showing

my bolt id is Bolt8023541

Hi @abhishek,

Can you share the email id that you had used while creating the acount?

Hi @aryahimanshu996,

This is a separate issue.

Just restart your device(5 seconds off time), and then wait for the entry to be updated in the app. You will be able to connect to it.

Hi @rahul.singh1,

The email id I used while creating bolt account is Also, as suggested I tried connecting my wifi module to cloud using another phone, but that didn’t work either. A screen shot of issue I encounter everytime has been attached below. Please help me rectify this issue as everything was working fine till 5th sept.

Thank You

My id is

Sir I tried it again but it is again showing "access point temporally full"and not connecting.

Hi @abhishek, @aryahimanshu996,

As I can see your device is already linked to your cloud account. Now you have to just connect your Bolt device to your wifi network. What is the status of blue and green ?

The second method is to manually connect your Bolt to wifi network for that.

  1. Create a hotspot network from your phone and note down yours phone’s hotspot name and password.
  2. Switch on your Bolt device and it will generate its own hotspot.
  3. Connect your laptop to Bolt’s hotspot. The password for Bolt hotspot is bolt1234
  4. Then open the browser and send the a command to your Bolt device to connect your phone’s hotspot .


For example:

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Hi @rahul.singh1,

It works now. Thanks for your help!

sir what to do my bolt wifi module showing" access point temporarily full" again and again
and not connecting .

Hi @aryahimanshu996,

As I can see your device is also already linked to your account. You have to just connect to your home wifi network. First Do “forgot all the wifi network” from the wifi setting of your phone and then follow the process that I have suggested in my previous reply.

sir i tried it also but it is showing access point temporary full again and again
and not connecting.

Sir problem not solved

Hello sir I am unable to connect my boltwifi module
To my mobile please tell me some solution.

Check Wifi details correctly…
Also go through the video again and start from scratch

Sir also gone through the vedio but it is showing again and again that "access point temporary full "
As I also tried to connect by changing the API’s
But again it is showing same

Sir please tell me the solution so that I can again continue my bolt training.

Hello sir , kindly please tell me any solution
As it is showing incorrect password always

Sir , my all energy is exhausted in connecting this wifi module to my mobile wifi but it is unable to connect
so i want to ask can this device be replaced?
as i do not want to waste my time in it.


Please follow below steps carefully even though you might have performed some of them earlier.

1] Keep your device offline. Do a forget network for the bolt device from your current phone so that when you turn it on, it does not connect to the device accidently and use up the available connections on Bolt module.
2] Install the Bolt IoT app on a different mobile and login using your email id. Follow the process again.

While you are doing setup on the new device, please record your screen and share it with us. You should be able to connect the device to a new wifi source.

This is vedio link of other mobile