Connection problem with the bolt

Firstly blue led is glowing very fast when I connected WiFi but indicator led is not glowing.what should I do.

First set up the bolt module to a paricular wifi/ hotspot which has internet. The next time you set up the module make sure that particular wifi/hotspot is turned on. It should automatically connect in a few seconds.

@r151215 looks like your Hotspot credentials are weak. Try another Hotspot more importantly bolt iot app consist of 3 steps… And it should show online then only indicator led will be on

Hi @r151215,

Please clarify which LED are you referring to when you say ‘indicator led’?

The Blue LED on the Bolt WiFi module is the WiFi LED, and the Green LED on the module is the Cloud LED.

If the Blue LED is blinking fast, this means that some device is connected to the hotspot generated by the Wifi module. This is done by the smartphone, when using the Bolt App. Do try turning off the WiFi of your phone (make it so that the phone cannot connect to any wifi), and check if the WiFi LED of the Bolt WiFi module stops blinking fast.