Connection to cloud issue

I have done every thing regarding the bolt connection and i have the blue and green leds well turned on but
I can not access the bolt cloud on my laptop in order to create the product on the cloud.
the screenshot is following.

Hello dieudonnekodoui,
I come to understand the problem.
Did you login properly ?
Or else there might be a internet connection problem .
Do check the connection of your internet…!!

Hey. It’s because of proper Internet connection

It occurs due to poor connection try to connect with high internet speed.

you need to check your internet connection. it happens sometimes, when you are not getting proper speed.

Check your Internet Connection and Try to login again.You may get Logged IN

@dieudonnekodoui Can you please share the email ID you have used to login to the cloud? Also what time did this happen?

Thank you for your answers.
I Have checked my connection but i have the same issue.
In orther to find the cause of this problem i created another account and i tried to connect with it. The connection was successful.
The screenshot is below.