Connections for Light Sensing

In the docs section I came across a different setup using breadboard. Well in the training section, the setup is just simple. So now my question is which one I should follow?

Hey @soups2012 ,
If you are just getting started with electronics and IOT,kindly follow the steps as given in the training section.These are lot simpler and handy to work with.

Hi @soups2012, bread-boards are just meant for convenience purposes and come handy while doing complex projects that include a lot of connections. For simpler projects here, connections done directly on the module itself is more than enough to understand the concepts of IOT.

I would say try both as to know concept more clearly. No doubt the result will be the same but using breadboard for connection is a good practice and avoid short circuits. Further the more you know the more you can implement and innovate.

I would recommend you to use bread board since the components sent will be delicate and might brake during bending the pins while connecting to bolt module itself, on bread board there are less chances of breakage of components and also it will be easy to handle.