Connectivity problem

How to reset the password of bolt wifi module

you are refering to the wifi it is connected to ?
this sometimes tends to be tricky but follow the same instructions u followed the first time you connected your bolt wifi module to the wifi

just select the wifi connection to which bolt is connceted by opening your mobile hotspot and select configure hotspot and change its password. I hope it will work.

Wifi is one of the best inventions in the history of technology. We don’t need wires to constantly stay connected to our laptop or computers for high-speed internet. We can do it wirelessly. You can post on facebook groups as well because people are more active there. For better results, you can post with images and screenshots as well. To know how to reset the password of bolt wifi module you can check this article here: How to reset the setup process and start again or change the wifi password being passed on to the bolt module?

Select your wifi connection(where bolt is connected).
Open your mobile hotspot settings.
Open and select configure hotspot.
Change the password.
Done. It should work now.