Conneting bolt device to cloud

The green LED is on of my bolt device but my cloud is not yet connected to device. how i can add my device to the cloud?

does it show online on bolt’s app on your phone.

No it is not detecting bolt’s wifi network. I tried using another phone but same problem I’m facing.

Hi, once again you do all the procedure from starting.

  1. You supply the power to wifi module. Then you will see the glowing of blue and green led.
  2. You add the device in your bolt app correctly.After adding it will show green signal in bolt app.
  3. If the green signal is not showing then it is not in online,after adding the device it must show green signal in bolt app. If the green led is on in bolt wifi module it must show online.
  4. When you adding the device in bolt app you choose correct wifi network with correct SSID name and password which is in that device(mobile or laptop) which you want to access the wifi.
  5. Then you will create an account in bolt cloud with same email id which is used to purchase bolt IOT kit (if not created), otherwise you just login.
  6. Then it will show the linked bolt wifi module.

your green LED is turning ON means the BOLT device works properly and to connect your device with the cloud you have first download the bolt app from google play store and connect the device u have installed with the hotspot and the BOLT device will automatically connect with the hotspot that u have connected.


What is the status of the LED’s immediately after powering the device? Did you manage to setup the device at least once before? If yes, which email id did you use on the Bolt App to register?

The bolt Wifi device at the beginning (i.e. when used for the first time ) itself acts as a WiFi modem to help identify the network .This helps us to identify the right network and register on our cellphones in the bolt iot app. The blue LED glows first.The connection is done only when the green LED on the WiFi module is constantly glowing. Blinking of the light indicates that it is still connecting. Once the network and the device is identified and registered, the Bolt WiFi module requires a hotspot connection and can be connected to the app as WiFi. Again check whether the green light is constantly glowing. Blinking of the device does not mean it is connected. On configuring the connections , login to your account on and link your product. The device should be shown as online when you connect it to the computer through the USB Cable(powering the device). Apart from the connection of networks etc be cautious in handling the WiFi module as rough handling of components causes damages or malfunction to the module which might be identifiable and hence not allow to connect it to cloud.

Check whether your WiFi module is connected to your bolt app. Also, make sure that you have a strong internet connection. Still, if it’s not working, just pause and redo all your connections from the scratch. Hope it works :slight_smile:

its not showing my linked device it used to but not anymore