Controlled agriculture system

I made a project “controlled agriculture system” in which I have implemented proximity sensor(along with buzzer and led), LDR, soil moisture sensor, controlled irrigation system(using water pump) and LM35 sensor. Is there any way that i can control these sensors using my mobile phone(an app implementation)?
For example: If i want to reduce the temperature of the compound, I can install a fan which i can control with an app on my phone.
My question is how do i start doing this? Also one bolt module only allows for one sensor to work at a time (no concurrent control). How do I solve that problem?


You can use an Arduino along with your Bolt Module. And with the UART communication, you can get started and build a project with multiple sensors which require analog pins.

You can refer to Getting Started with Arduino with Bolt IoT workshop video for the same>

Documentation links -
GitHub - Inventrom/boltiot-arduino-helper

For making Apps without much coding, you can refer to or and use the Bolt API to trigger or get data from the module.

Let me know if you have any other queries.