Controlling LED is it necessary API keys

i read the code but explain me
without API can we control this beacuse i disable the API still my bolt working (LED working with ON\OFF command)
i change the API keys and then disable still my LED is working why it so explain?

The API key is used by the third party applications to access your bolt device. For example, if you have written a python code to turn LED ON/OFF, then you definitely need to activate the API key.

hi i don’t think so python is a programming language API is for 3rd party application means application not language or code
API is for secure connection then i disabled, still my ON\OFF command working

Yeah, I agree with you. Can you tell me how you turn On/OFF the LED either with the python code or through the JS

:joy: i cannot show u but its possible. and i asked for API explanation

Hi @Pablo_Shubhi,

This is a known bug in our system where the API key cannot be disabled once it is enabled.

The bug was set to low priority, as no one was facing an issue with it.