Controlling LED Project

I am not getting the output for this project.I have made the connections properly and the code is also same but still I am not getting the output.

Your code looks fine,

  1. Have you enabled the API KEY? - You can check by clicking on the Api icon on the left side of your Bolt cloud dashboard.

  2. Check your led connections whether you have connected positive end to digital port 0 and negative end to ground properly.

I have enabled the API.
And the connections are also proper, still I am not getting the output.

I am getting the following error on the console window.

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I was also having the same issue…
It is because you have made too many API requests…
Dont worry you will need to wait for atleast 6 hours before you can make any further requests…
Until that you can move forward with the new topics …just keep your project at stand by …
You can also see the reason why you are facing this problem

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Thanx I got the output.

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