Copy paste or drag and drop problem

i am facing problem of copy paste in vmWare workstation 12.5.9 and ubuntu16.04.6 versions, i have done all possible steps to solve this problem from bolt form,but i can’t able to resolve .
please provide any satisfied solution…

What exactly is your problem?

i cant able to copy paste …

can’t able to paste a code in virtual machine,i have done all possible solutions…

Hey bro copy paste will not work in vmware rather you have to type each and every line which is a good practice to understand and memorize the steps. If you want to copy paste then use pycharm.

how can i use pycharm.

First of all you need to install python from python website for your desired OS and then set it up using environment variables. Then Just go to pycharm website and download the desired version for your OS. Then how to setup pycharm you will get this from youtube video.