Correction in Project's Documentation

My project Wheels4Water got published on the Bolt project’s page. At that point of time I didn’t noticed that there are some typing mistakes which must have been done while importing it.

All the format and things are correct in the documentation which I submitted but there are some errors in the published project.

Published project link: Wheels 4 Water

Editor link:

These are the following errors in the published project:

#1 : An extra line is pasted in between a paragraph.

So this line has to be removed.

#2 : A paragraph is repeated. That repeated section has to be replaced with another paragraph.

That repeated section has to be replaced with this paragraph:
A couple of more scenarios are there ie for fetching the data and also uploading the predicted values to the google sheet.

#3 : In the Cloud Dashboard section I wrote a paragraph in which I tried to re-direct the reader to the bolt cloud dashboard.

So, the word clicking is actually a link which should direct to Creating a new product

I request you to please update these 3 things so that the readability can be corrected.

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@akshayan.sinha please confirm after the changes are done :slightly_smiling_face:

@akshayan.sinha still the minor changes are not done!!

Good afternoon @PPV @rahul.singh1 @akshayan.sinha @shobhit.kumawat everyone. I have reported the corrections in my project documentation in the month of Jan itself. Almost 2 months have passed by and the same is still pending.

I request you to please do it. Looking for a response :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @raghav.srivastava, the new community intern. Actually, my project’s documentation has to be corrected a bit. I have posted the corrections on this post.

These are pending from last December. Can you prioritize this thing and do the corrections at the earliest.

Looking for your response.

Hi @vishalvats2000,
I have to communicate with the team before I edit and if they allow I’ll definitely make the changes as soon as possible.

Okay. By the way I have received confirmation from Pranav sir’s end itself. I am also attaching the email which I got. Do have a look.

Also, if you want to personally confirm the same then do it quickly so that the documentation can be corrected :+1:

Hi @vishalvats2000,
I have confirmed regarding this and I am going to update the documentation. I’ll update you once done.

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Hi @vishalvats2000 ,
I have made the corrections. Do let me know if anything else is to be done.

Thanks @raghav.srivastava . I am glad that you did the changes within few days. Thanks a lot. This was pending from a long time

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@vishalvats2000 no problem! Glad I could help. Do let me know if you need any other help.