Coudnt connect bolt with my laptop

Continuing the discussion from I am not able to open the index page:sir, using the ip address i tried to connect bolt with my laptop but coudnt.

What is the status of the blue LED? Is it blinking or stable glow?

led is stable sir i was able to configure using mobile ,but coudnt with laptop.

Is the laptop wifi is also connected to the same wifi which is connected to the bolt

yes wifi and bolt are connected to same wifi

iam uable to do using step 2 to configure i,e by typing in chrome browser

Hoo you are getting the bolt page now is it ??..

iam not getting bolt page

Do you search the IP address of bolt using the advance ip scanner application

i coudnt find ip address of my bolt

one more issue led was stable when i connected to led was stable, when i tried to connect to other network i coudnt make it why?

Because it saved the before wifi name and password

You can change the wifi using the URL “ip_address of bolt/settings”

why is this ip scanner not detecting my bolt

i changed the wifi name and password but no use

Did you change the wifi password in mobile hotspot or in the bolt ??..

Once connect bolt hotspot to laptop and find IP address of bolt then change the wifi name and password

And then connect the bolt and laptop to same wifi hotspot and then find the IP address of bolt using “advance ip scanner” software

Then open the bolt page using thet ip of bolt in google Crome

Your laptop and Bolt should be connected to the same network for IP scanner to work. If that is the case then share a screenshot of the IP Scanner.

Alternatively you can also use the Fing app on your phone to scan for the IP address.