Could not find a version that satisfies the reqirement boltiot. no matching distribution found for boltiot

Should I Delete The Whole software and Try Doing It Again? My Pip Is 8.1 and I Have to Update it Ig

You again did not type –upgrade pip

Why are you keeping the the package part empty?

Do the following, one by one -

  1. sudo apt install curl

  2. curl

And then send a screenshot of the output

I am expecting this to be done. In case your IP is blocked by the pypi server.

I just did this

Now run this and send a screenshot.

curl | sudo python

After sending screenshot, run this as well

pip install --upgrade setuptools

Is that a straight dash or Capital “i”?

Straight dash. The symbol above ‘\’

Do one thing. Close this window, and remove Ubuntu with all its components.

Start fresh and create new Virtual Machine. And follow the steps given in the course. Tell me if you face this again.

Yes I’ll do That Again

I can’t update my Pip


sudo -H pip3 install --upgrade pip

This time don’t miss ‘–upgrade pip’

Revert and tell me if you still get typing not found

It Did Install New Pip Version but I Cant Type Any other Code Now. It’s showing some Traceback

Post a screenshot of the issue.

Use pip to install typing. Tell me if there is another error after that.