Could not start the device

Hello sir,I have brought your product 5-6 months back and couldn’t open it till now due to some problems.I tried to contact you but no one took phone.
Today I started to do the experiment.The device is not getting connected…I’m trying to start it for a long time.I need a response immediately.

@tanyasunish500 ,please do follow all the instructions and then please let us now in detail about problem you are facing,also do search about your topic in forum because already there are many solutions to different problems discussed by the members and i have also posted many solutions ,EVEN IF YOU THINK IT DO NOT SLOVE YOUR PROBLEM THEY PLEASE DO WRITE IT ON FORUM YOU WILL SURELY GET HELP.


Have you gone through the following video for setting up the Bolt WiFi module?

If not go through the video.

If you still face issues please reply with which step you faced an issue.