Coupon code invalid

The coupon code which was given is shown invalid I cannot access the videos what is the problem please let me know

Check for an email by
All the instructions are given in that mail. Follow them and you will be able to access the videos

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Thanks a lot problem is resolved
Use this link available you are course coupon
See the picture Iam putting the red mark that is coupon code

I have registered and enrolled in courses successfully using my laptop, when i login in another computer, i get this error and unable to make progress further.

“The coupon code you entered is expired or invalid, but the course is still available!”

At the time only one people can see.

Hello. I am unable to access the training. It is saying that the coupon expired or invalid. What to do now? It was supposed to have lifetime access.

dont panic u may have put ur coupon code once thats why it is showing invalid try logging into your acc with the id pass you have generated it will definitely work

It’s showing invalid code please help me regarding this I have code and I have paid for that please help me

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Have you tried accessing the course from > Go to Course ?

Hi @annanadhoni77,

We are looking into this issue. You will soon get a response from our end.

Shobhit Kumawat

@annanadhoni77 As you mentioned on call, we will proceed to close this case as you mentioned that your issue is solved.

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Send email to about invalid coupon code