Course access issues

I had completed my course upto 50 % few months ago and had to take break and came back seems like I have no access to those 50% I completed it only let’s me move forward and can’t seem to revise the previous course

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I too have same problem please help me out I tried so many times but they asking me to pay $130 again … since I have already paid for the kit and I completed 40% of the course after I took break then problem occurred

Hi @seemasheik5, If I am right, we resolved your issue today morning. The issue was that you had made a mistake while entering your email id after you clicked on the “go to course” button.

Hi @imranmohsin184, Do you have access to the rest of the 50% of the course?
Also, could you share with us a screenshot of why you believe that you cannot access the 1st 50% of the course?

Well firstly its starting with Challenge 2 and am sure i remember there was a intro on how bolt was used in industry which is missing now
The below image should shows the Rest of the access that i have

Hi @imranmohsin184,

There is nothing missing in the course. We have added a topic at the start of the course, as we are conducting the “Innovation Challenge” competition.

We have added this at the start of the course so that students are informed about it at the start of the course and can go through the required topics in order to quickly submit their entries.

You can think of those 2 first topics as a form of a notice board.

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