Course code not working for certification test

I tried taking up the exam, its showing entry did not match even though i have entered the correct email id. I am not able to take the test since a long time , please fix the issue.

Hi @rcbarshan,
I have taken your request to the team and they’ll fix the issue as soon as possible. Please share your email id.Also, please confirm which test you are taking(IoT and ML, Robotics, etc)?

I have already mailed you , and i am enrolled into IOT and ML. Mail id is.

How long is it going to take so solve the issue?

Hi @rcbarshan,
I have already forwarded your concern to the team. Can you please check if it is resolved now? As soon as I get a confirmation from the team, I’ll let you know.

It’s still not working .How long will it take? It’s been 2 days … we have to show the certificate in college and for that i need to complete test. Please fix the issue

Hi @rcbarshan,
I have asked the team to expedite your request. Let me know by when you need to show it in college, although we’ll be fixing it as soon as possible.

I need to complete my test within next 1-2 days to show them the certificate.

@rcbarshan don’t worry. Most probably it’ll be fixed by tomorrow.

@rcbarshan Apologies for the delay. The code has been added to the system. You may retry to get access to it.

Thank you , i completed my test

Thanks for helping Raghav! I have one more doubt now that I completed my test , it shows 68% in certificate…i have already submitted my project long back. When will we get a reviewed certificate? Like along with marks of those 2 questions answered in forum and one project submission along with video. Will I get a new updated certificate?

Hi @rcbarshan,
It takes up to a week to get the certificate after you submit the exam. But if you need to submit your certificate before that, let me know and I’ll expedite the process. For that, we’ll need your email.

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Hi @raghav.srivastava
Will it be possible to get by Tuesday? As Saturday and Sunday is holiday in Bolt. It will be really helpful if i get the certificate (The training completion) which includes the total marks as our college will evaluate based on that. Right now i just have 68% which is without the marks of 2 Bolt forum answered question and one project. It will be really helpful if i get the certificate as early as possible.

And one more doubt is like as i have completed the test , now i can start doing a major project and if i submit that i will get internship completion certificate? I am a bit confused of how the assured internship works. Is it like today i completed my test so now i am eligible for internship because i got above 50%. So like should I start making the project and if i submit that then only i will get the “Internship completion certificate”?!


Wdym by you need my email? Like should I send an email to bolt iot? Or like my mail id? If it’s mail id then my mail id is

@rcbarshan This is all I needed. You’ll receive the certificate by Tuesday. You can start creating the project for an assured internship now. Please follow the instructions given here. The certificate for the exam is separate from the assured internship certificate, you’ll receive the exam certificate regardless of the internship submission status.

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Okay sure so will I get the final certificate by Tuesday through email?

hi @raghav.srivastava any updates about when i will receive the final certificate?

Hi @rcbarshan,
You shall receive it by today evening or tomorrow, we have already prioritized it.

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Okay thank you soo much!