Course enrollment Problem and account activation problem

I entered the wrong email id for account creation where I missed the ‘l’ in ‘’.
Ever since then I am not sure even if I have an account.

But the problem is I already used up the code that was sent to me for the fee waiver that came along with purchasing the Rs.2750/- Hardware Kit, which had a free course offered.

Since I did not activate my account and I used up the discount code, I am not sure how to enroll in the training program.

Until I get a reply I am not trying anything else with the account.

my account’s username was given as ‘’
My Kit reference: Order #India13141: Training access + Kit delivery

Please send a mail to will help you in this matter

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Hey Naveen. I almost face the same problem while enrolling. Just few steps more and you will be enrolled.
STEP1: Go to this link.
STEP2: login there with correct details (I hope you have registered first, following the guidelines)

Once you get the same thing on your screen then you’re successfully enrolled.

I created an account and I got the same webpage, but when I ‘go to course’ I’m still getting this,

Hi @naveenthomas2000 ,

Can you create a new account on trainings website with your correct email address?

We shall delete your entry in the backend having incorrect email id using which you had enrolled the course and provide the course access to the correct email.

Do inform on this thread once you have created the correct account.

I created the account as you asked me to do.