Course related issue

I jave already taken this course thinking that I’ll perform this in future , now I want to access the courses , I already have my kit with me , if any one knowsc pls help

Hey there! @raghav6044
These are the steps to access the course
->Once you have registered, go to cloud.boltiot .com and signup/google login and create an account in the bolt cloud.
->This will take you to the home page,from where you can access your products which you will learn in your course
->Now go to cloud This page will have the courses which you have enrolled in. Once you have paid for the course, the “Go to course” button will be enabled.
->Register for the course using “enrol in training” button.
->Enter your details (use the same Mail-id you used to purchase the course)
->And this will take you to the course page.
->Next time you want to access the course go to “”. This will take you to the course page. Login into your account and there you go, you can learn!

This is their official video explaining the steps in detail, Check it out

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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You can start with the link provided in the card (with the kit).

Or you can directly visit -

Welcome to BoltIoT !!

Hello @raghav6044!!
After you have registered, visit and signup and create an account using the same mail id and login method to that you have used while purchasing the course.
This will open the home page where you can visit the training section to view your course.

You can access the course by going to the bolt iot training page then simply log in and the go to the access your course button then just start your course . Here is the link to the bolt iot training platform .