Covid project problem

I am making same project as given in other website, but I am getting error in python program. I have checked the program several times but the same error has come.
Here is my screenshot of my error output

Here is the link of Same project which i am making:

Plz help me as soon as possible

It is showing indentation error. Indentation is important in python codes. Check you have given space before the sentence after entering the function.

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Thank for answering… I have put the same code as it was given with proper given space
If there is any mistake or some space problem,
Can u write the codes here (as proper space before the sentence or after the function)
So I would probably write on my script file

Hello everyone… I haven’t get any response from other !
… it would be grateful to me, if i get response.
here is the 2 photo to check the circuit connection if possible

Hey Mr. Chaudhary, would you mind if I ask you to share your project code? I can help you out.


The indentations should be either 4 spaces or 1 tab and multiples of that.

Can you share the code here? Please make sure you remove any API keys from the code before sharing.

Hello @20i218 and @yeshwant.naik
here is the full code

Hey @chaudharysuyashsriva, indent this print such that it is at the same distance from the left as other lines of the same function’s block. The print statement is one white space distance far away from left than other lines of the same block

There is no function read() (I think you meant to type readSensor() there instead of read() )

hello @yeshwant.naik thanks for replying
but when I run the program here again come the error

@chaudharysuyashsriva, you didn’t implement the rectifications I told you to do. I told you to change all the instances of read() in your code to readSensor() and did you ident the print() function properly (and I am not Yeshwant Naik)? Why are you running the code multiple times and you get different outputs in each code run! Just run once and attach a screenshot of that because I am not able to identify which code run you are talking about.

Soory @20i218 for the misunderstanding!
I am really thankful to you :slight_smile:
Thanks for doubts !
I change whatever you said and when run the code it’s work!
but when I do the same procedure as given in video( try to cover the sensor the LDR value should be change but it doesn’t change.

What does the problem occurring, does the circuit connection is wrong or the code is wrong?

@chaudharysuyashsriva, could you please take a photo of your bolt module and upload it? I guess there might be a mistake in circuit connection (that’s why it always showed 1024 constant value or you have been rate limited) because your code looks perfect (because you have incorporated the changes I mentioned). To check whether you are rate limited, check your inbox.
Please change the sleep time to 15 or 20 seconds because you will soon get rate limited like me when I used sleep time of 5 in my initial days (:laughing:)

Hi @chaudharysuyashsriva,

You are rate limited from the Bolt Cloud. Check this link

Please share your latest code with us.

@20i218 Here is the Photo !

I have uploaded more photo at the top of chat.(Covid project problem)
here is the Circuit diagram !

Hello, @rahul.singh1 thanks for replying!
I have uploaded the full code at the top of chat !
(Covid project problem)

Connect the LDR terminal to the 3V instead of the 5V socket because, in the project instructions, we are instructed to connect it to 3V and not the 5V one. Other than that, your connections look perfect. Please check your email inbox whether you have been rate-limited for 6 hours. If you were rate-limited, try later after 6 hours.
Hardware Connections | Bolt IoT

@20i218 I again not getting any change in LDR values! As u said I change to 3v but nothing get change.
i can’t get any change in the project :frowning:

Hi @chaudharysuyashsriva,

I think its not the issue of the hardware connection. As you can see in the output of your code, the response is “Command time out” . Please confirm if you have stable internet connection.