Create dashboard using Bolt cloud

Is it possible to send the temperature readings from mesh based sensor to the bolt cloud by using raspberry pi, Please suggest the possible ways for mentioned points:

  • How to integrate raspberry pi with Bolt cloud?
  • How can we send the reading of temperature sensor to bolt cloud ?
  • Design Dashboard with bar graph and line chart to track the temperature readings
  • Design alert notification which sends the critical alert on Email address


You can only send data to the Bolt Cloud via a Bolt module (Could be WiFi or GSM).
To send the data to the Bolt Cloud, via a raspberry pi, you will need to connect the Bolt module to the Raspberry pi, and link the Bolt module to a UART-INPUT type of a product.

When ever the Bolt module sends an ‘RD\r’ command, the pi should respond with the data that has to be logged to the Bolt Cloud.

This data has to be a CSV string with a maximum of 6 values in the string. example “223.5,123.5,34.7,56.8”

Configure the product on the Cloud to expect the same number of CSV’s as that your pi will send to the Bolt module.

You can use multigraphs feature to plot multiple graphs on the Bolt Cloud simultaneously.

Also our systems allow line graphs, bar graphs, scatter, area, table and many more types of graphs.
You can read up on how to use them here

You can use services such as Integromat and IFTTT by using webhooks to setup your sms and email alert system

You can go to the Bolt IoT hackster page to find out how to implement the alert system

Hey @vinayak.joshi
Is there any example which will help to integrate python library for wireless sensor with other language and create the application ?

The Bolt Cloud has several APIs that you can make use of your purpose. The API documentation is on the page
The requests to the APIs is language independent as it is a HTTPS request/response. You can formulate the request in the language of your choice and can decode the response after that.