Create post is not in assignment integromat

i linked Webhooks but craete post is not there what to do??? please help me?

@push1970 Actually don’t choose this module and “create a post” trigger because it won’t work. You will get the error - “403: OAuthException (200)” when you look at the history tab of your scenario in integromat.
Because facebook module is version 6 and facebook legacy module is version 5 ,i.e., the older one. Previously you could post on facebook through triggering webhook but now facebook has reviewed the auto-post feature and does not let anyone auto-post on facebook. That’s why the “create a post” feature is not available in the facebook module.
Add twitter module instead.
Choose ‘create a tweet’ trigger.
Add the message "I am not getting enough light - sent by your Plant " in the status field of the trigger.
You’ll get the Output


Yes Create post option is not there for Facebook template. Instead I found that option To Create A Post under the "Facebook Pages " tempelate. That you can use to Post on your facebook page.
Hope this helps.