Creating an alert(advanced iot and ml)

so i was following the instructions provided by the teacher and i have bolt cloud pro and while creating an alert when the teacher pressed the status button which is exclusive for the bolt cloud pro members he got an option to put in an offline delay. wheras when i press the status button i dont get the offline delay choice. for better understanding please refer to the image below

Please help.

can someone please help me with this @akshayan.sinha / @PPV / @vishalvats2000

Yeah, they have already said they are working on this. This one and the messaging recipient aren’t working.

okay. thank you for the clarification


Thanks for writing to us. We are working to fix the issue.

Appreciate your patience :slight_smile:

:+1: no problem. @yeshwant.naik by when should this error be fixed?


We have fixed the issue. Can you give it a try?

yup @yeshwant.naik it is working now. thanks.