Creating first project

I made the first project, and it is showing the data too. But even though I am changing the conditions of light intensity. The data shown by it is same ?

I think the problem is with the connections, please make sure every component is connected properly. In my case it was the ldr which was not connected properly and the setup was showing a constant value of 1024.

Hello @akshaykohad3011 ,

I was also facing the same problem. I think you have done some mistake in making the hardware configuration, you can use breadboard and connecting wires for a clear picture. If there is still some problem, then you must check your code specially the variable name (where my error occurred as i started the variable name with uppercase). If there is some problem then check your wifi module’s connection and once refer to the troubleshooting points mentioned in the course. Sometimes a change in bright light is not distinguished by the LDR and shows 1.02 thousand, so to change its reading try placing the setup in a dark room and see what happens.

Thank you.

Yes it shows like that untill push the data to cloud in graph window