Creating first web page

Can anyone help me out.i am not able to open my own web page see this :point_down:

check the file name.

File name was my webpage .html

Right click on that and go to open with button, select notepad and check the code again.

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post code screen shot here.

Have you included html tags in your code? or stated <!Doctype html > in it. and all syntax are correct.

hi .here we are not setting any both to that you have to change the browser .your using browser may be not acceptable for html5. please check it

create a new html file,copy-paste your code and save it in a different location(like desktop)


Instead of typing the address of your HTML file, try to open it from the File Explorer. Double-click on the .html file which you’re trying to open.

Since I don’t know the filename and path of your .html file, I’m not able to suggest the path to enter in the address bar.