Current rating of adapter

If I plugged a ESP8266 WIfi Module to mobile adapter,Is there any chance of bursting of module due to 2amps of output current of adapter ?Also please tell me What is the current rating(capability of carrying current with which it can withstand( in Amps or in miliamps)) of that WiFi module(ESP8266)?

The Bolt IoT module is based on an ESP8266-12E module. The module can operate in the voltage range of 2.5v - 3.6v with a maximum current rating of 170mA. The input voltage upper limit could go higher due to the presence of the voltage regulator.
If you have a charger that can provide a suitable dc voltage and current output higher than the maximum required current, it should work fine.

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Will this module(ESP8266) work on adapter having output voltage of 5V and current of “2 Amps” ?

It definitely should. Although a 500mA charger is enough.