Dashboard problem

I have connected to bolt device and laptop dashboard showing hardware module(1) but the problem is there is nothing on the dashboard that displays new bolt devices.

hey , @skjshubhamkumarjain
I suggest you to try the setup process one more time. Generally, that solves the problem.
Check whether there is a green dot appearing near your device name in the bolt IOT app. This indicates that your device is connected to the cloud and is online. Go ahead with building your product. Now you’ll view your device online status under the products icon, in your bolt cloud.
That’s how I handled this issue, hope it might help you.

@skjshubhamkumarjain Please update your browser and try again. This issue occurs when you are using an older browser or an outdated browser like Internet explorer.

Please use an updated browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Thank you so much sir for helping me, previously i was working in microsoft edge browser but it is working fine with google chrome.
Thank you sir