Data collection Rate below 5 minutes

Hi. Is it possible to change the data collection rate from 5 minutes to 10 or 30 seconds . It shows bolt cloud pro account for 30 seconds but i don’t know what it is and how to purchase it and stuff.

Hey, all of the users of bolt are having limited bandwidth of the server except the pro users.
But there is a way to use the data collection rate for less than 5 minutes by using python code on linux you can set sleep(time) as needed but note that Bolt will temporarily disable your access. No other way around :frowning:

Either by deploying the model every 10 sec(required interval) so that new values are up to date.
If you feel that its time taking to always click the deploy button ,then you need to program it in python in linux so that time.sleep(required time interval) will loop at that regural interval

Hope this is useful.
Thank you!