Data Count :0 shown as output

I have made the product and set up as instructed in the course for light monitoring project still I am getting Data Count 0 as output

Hi @purshan.anuj04,

Please share the screenshot of your product configuration and screenshot code for the plotting the graph.

Hi, check your circuit connections once more, and go through the following troubleshoot guide given in the training.

  • Look at the time of update. It may be that you are looking at old value, and not the new ones.
  • Check the connections of the LDR to a0 pin and 3.3v pin.
  • Try focusing the torch from your phone onto the LDR
  • Some students have received an LDR with internal resistance which is different from the standard. Try using the following combinations in the given sequence
  • 3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 10k - gnd
  • 3.3v - LDR - a0 Pin - 330 - gnd.

Hope this solves your issues.

@merchantabi sir I have checked the circuit again and again also with other resistor but still getting same output…
I also followed the step mentioned on troubleshoot but still same output appears.

Hi @purshan.anuj04,

There was some issue with the graph service and it is resolved now. Can you check if you are able to plot the graph? Also, click on the Data Download button on the graph page and check if there are any data points present in the CSV file.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

hi @rahul.singh1 I did what you suggested but I am still getting the same output

am attaching shot of the output window and window which appear when I click download

First Go to bolt cloud and then DEPLOY CONFIGURATION, after this it will start taking readings

hi, @arnavkandpal already done.

Hi @purshan.anuj04,

Can you share your device with me on my email id

Also, are you using any VPN or proxy ?

i have shared the device and i am not using any VPN or proxy.

This is because probably,using wrong resistor.Check the colour coding and make sure you have connected the right one and change the position of the setup or switch off the lights,move a torch light near to it and observe are they changing.

hi, @shivatejachennoju all these and other necessary steps instructed in the course are done and checked multiple times.

@rahul.singh1 sir any update on my issue?

Hi @purshan.anuj04,

Apology for the delay in response. I checked and there was no data present for your product name light_monitor. Can you create a different product and then link the device with the new product and check if it is working.

hi @rahul.singh1 thank you alot sir
now its working

Check the connections properly.The resistors may have loosen up or the pin used may be wrong.Use the torch of good quality such that a good amount of light falls on the LDR.