Data count is 0

I have built my first project using LDR for temperature sensor. I have checked the the hardware components two to three times by using 10K ohm and 330 ohm , but there is no data count. Even there is a stable lights in bolt wi-fi module .Can anyone help me for doing my first project.


Can you send a screenshot of your hardware configuration and code in the Bolt Cloud?

What about the sensor/LDR? Are you sure that the sensor is working properly.

@surendra Try deploying Configuration

I don’t know whether my LDR is working or not. Suggest me a way to check LDR condition.


I have deployed configuration so many times.


I mentioned screenshot of hardware configuration and code tab. Not your connections.


The code as well, please. Take a screenshot of it.


Your connections, configuration, and code looks fine. I’d suggest you to keep your module connected for 15 mins, and then check later for any data on it.

You can even make your device public and share the link of your device here, to check in case of any request errors.

kindly check your connection. check the product linking to cloud.otherwise share the exact pictures here to check it out