Data Logging to BOLT SD card

Hello all ,

Is there any way to log the data ( sensor readings ) to BOLT SD card ?

Yes it is possible to log data to bolt’s sdcard .But for this you would need make modifications in the bolts esp8266 firmware . There are many tutorials on the internet to do the same on esp8266 (which is bolt’s wifi module) . The only problem is that bolt is not open source so you would need code bolt entirely which is time is time consuming. Dont worry I trying to develop custom firmware for bolt .

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Sounds good ! Looking forward to it !

Its gonna take me some time since I am prepareing for jee . but I have dececided to do it as and when I get time

no issues ! Take your time !

All the best for JEE !

I figured out a way to program esp8266 via arduino IDE

sounds good !

Are you talking about esp8266 which is embedded on BOLT ? If yes, then I would like to know !

Yes programming the esp8266 . I show you the steps in detail . But my exams are going on I’ll upload the steps by next friday

Hey finally I could use bolt’s sdcard using arduino. I will upload a video on how to do it . Sorry for the delay but unfortuneatly I have another exam on next saturday. I try to upload it by this Sunday if not definately on next saturday

Please note that changing or editing the firmware on ESP8266 chip or on the AVR chip will prevent it from working with the Bolt cloud and you cannot restore it via Update. It will also permanently void the warranty on Bolt. We suggest you not to change the onboard firmware.

You can now store the data on Bolt cloud. The details of the same have been mailed to some of the selected Beta Tester program and shall be available to all by 1st December 2016.