Data Not Showing for First Project (LDR Sensor)

My data is not getting plotted for the first project even though my code is perfectly correct and so the hardware connection. I even tried changing the resistor from 10k to 330 ohm but still nothing is happening. Please help.

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Even I am having problems plotting the data in the cloud.
@rahul.singh1 please look into the matter

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Ok so you say that hardware connection and code is correct.
1.Check if your device is connected to your product on the cloud
2. Check if the device is in ONLINE state.
If you’re done with this verification, what you can do is rewatch the lecture (highly recommended) and start your project once again from scratch.

Recheck the hardware connections and Product code , If they are correct then check whether you saved the code and deployed the configuration.
If you are still facing issue then send the screenshots of code and hardware connection or Rewatch the video.

I was having the same issue and I felt my code is right too but in my case the variable name I inserted had an alphabet missing so would recommend checking that ,
=> Other than that check your connections
=> If your bolt device is connected to the laptop , try connecting to the socket
=> Try rewatching the video for any errors

it happens when you do your first project.There may be minor corrections,although your connections and code is correct.
Rewatch the video again and do the connections again.
still if you are not getting the data then there might be a problem in LDR. replace LDR and do the experiment

  • Try covering the LDR with your finger, and clicking on push data while your finger is on the LDR.
    This way when i pushed the data i got different values

Hi @rajivkundu99 and @saha.sourya17,

Please share the screenshot of your code and an image of the hardware connection.

If you have done all the connections and your code is correct then check whether its online or not, refresh it then it will work.
Starting I also had faced the same issue but then I refreshed it, then everything was sorted.

check the connections and code once.
if they are correct then check whether you have deployed the configuration

can you please share a screenshot of your configuration as well as of code. so that we can actually look into the problem.

Once check the connections and hardware.Link the product to the device and deploy the configuration.If they are correct,please share the screenshots of the configuration.