Data plans for IOT devices

I want to use wifi module to control pumpsets at our farm. The pumpsets are spreadout. I am ok to use one module for each pumpset. But to provide internet for each module what is the best plan (either an idea or “data plan” that is provided by Internet Service Provoders like Jio, Airtel ect) so as to reduce total cost. My idea (very trivial) is to set an Idea SIM at every module with data plan of 3GB/Month at Rs50/Month. But this is approach costs me more is there a better way? ( Expected avarage data usage is 300MB/Month)

You may directly contact to jio customer care for the plan you required accordingly they will suggest you best cheap plan to work with this module. Or you may go for ACT internet service provider, providing good internet speed in cheap rates.

Please can you elaborate ACT

I have gone through the link. But data plans are not suitable for me. Around 300MB/Month is sufficient for me. I want the cheapest.


Can you explain the project that you are trying to build? Is it extremely necessary to keep the device neat pumpset? Also, using a single Bolt device you should be able to control 5 digital pins and in turn 5 pumps.

Pumpets are spreadout by around 500m. 5 pumps per module makes laying wires of length 2.5km. It’s a kind of creating new network. This needs investment that may be worse than using one device per pumpset. Disadvantage of 5 per device may require parallel processing. I don’t think it’s possible to implement this way. Hope some how data providers give good offers for IOT devices which use few MBs per month.