Data visualization problem

Dear Team,
I am having issues in representing my data in graphical form. Kindly solve this issue soon please. Because it was working fine only. But today its not working. for your reference i had attached the code and graphical output page. My alert products are working but only problem is with the graph. It showing my data count as 0 only even i refresh the page. Even i checked with the app too.

Arjun R


I am having the exact same problem with the gauge graph.

I can download the data and the unit is providing up to date data. I have tried replacing the Gauge with a Line Graph but I get the same issue.

Has the library been updated and we need to change our code?

im too facing same issue . Come on Bolt fix the issue …

Our team is looking into this issue. We will update you regarding the same shortly.

Kindly do it soon sir! I am having a presentation within 30 minutes.

@arjunraj We are looking into this issue. Will update you soon.

Hi @arjunraj

We have found the root cause of the issue and it will be fixed in the next 30 minutes.

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Thank you,

Mine is resolved.

Well done

hi sir , is the issue fixed ?

hi arjun issue fixed for u ?

@madhavareddy203 Yes my issue is resolved soon!

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@yeshwant.naik Hi sir my issue is not fixed could you loook on to it.

Hi @madhavareddy203,

Can you share the screenshot of your graph page and screenshot of your code ? Also refresh the page and check if it is working.

Now working fine sir

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