Is it mandatory to complete the training by 30th September?? Will I eligible for decathlon intership if I complete my training after 30th September and then apply for internship??

yes, for the decathlon internship, you have to complete the training and submit your prototype before the 30th of September 2023

@pratapkumarshu21 @kartik.kakkar17,

It is compulsory to complete the training in order for your submission to be considered valid for the Decathlon internship. However, you can submit the project now if it is ready and complete the training in the upcoming days.

If you are not able to complete the project and submit it to us by 30th Sep then you will not be eligible for the Decathlon Internship.

Note that this will not affect the Assured Internship that we provide at Bolt IoT. You have no deadline for the Internship from Bolt IoT you may take your time and complete the training whenever you are free.

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