Delay in Project Corrections and Issuance of Offer Letter

@PPV @rahul.singh1 @shobhit.kumawat On 25 March 2021 I sent an email for issuing the offer letter for the Internship which I did at Bolt. Firstly, I got a response from Ravi Ujjwal sir on 25 March, in which he stated that I have to provide a college document signed by faculty or staff. I did that thing and sent the document as a reply in the email thread on 30 March 2021. Almost a week has passed by and I have to give the letter to my college. But still, I am not getting any response on when I will be getting it?

Also, @PPV sir, I have sent an email to you on 4 April regarding discrepancies in the project documentation but I have not received any response from your side. I have been dealing with the same issue for 2 months and as the last option, I tried to contact you. So, please do respond.

Waiting for the issues to be resolved rather than just forwarding them to the team :heavy_check_mark:

@vishalvats2000 Apologies for the issue you have had to face. You will get an update by end of the day today.

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Thanks @PPV sir :pray: . Will provide you an update :+1:

@PPV I have received the letter. Thanks for the quick processing. Just waiting for the project updations :+1: