Details on bolt platform

I have general set of question regarding Bolt platform

the code that we write in bolt projects are in jS and python, i am confused so as to how this works with micro-controller. for embedded projects isn’t ‘C’ the language used to code?. How does writing code in JS or python working here?

Also we usually use a debugger to flash the code to the micro-controller how are we doing that in Bolt platform since we are not using any debugger.

How is the code getting compiled and what is the compiler used?

Yes for embedded projects “C” is the language but in Bolt we are going to learn about IoT, AI and ML which basically uses Python using the cloud server to store data. So Here you need to code with python which makes it more easy and reliable. For debugger try to use Pycharm or Visual Studio. And also for Python is easy to learn, use, understand, teach, deploy, and aslo is an interpreter means you can run the code as soon as you complete it - there are no additional phases of translation; and Bolt has its own python library to communicate with the devices.

@nazirahammed98, thanks for your reply. But my doubt is is it possible to put the python code to micro-controller? there must something that is converter or compiling the code that we write in our projects to machine language right? I want to know that what is that exactly. I mean how the code is compiled in bolt platform?.

How is the code getting dumped or flashed to micro-controller?

Hi @sagar.myadav94,

Bolt firmware is written is C and it is API based architecture. When you write your code in HTML/JS/Python or in any language, it just trigger the API written on the Bolt device.

@rahul.singh1 , thanks for your reply. From your reply I am concluding the code that we write is not actually put on to the micro-controller. it just triggers a API which helps us access the micro-controller resources am I right?