Device connection issue to connect our device to the bolt and it asking password to connect.
2. is router is manidatory

Router is not necessary, you can connect your bolt module to a mobile hotspot as well. (But in that case, you will have to use two mobile phones to complete the setup). You need to download the bolt app from the app store in order to set it up and connect to a wifi network.

For more details, you can refer to this:

login to boltiot and bolt easily connect with the laptop or system just by login. no router is not manidatory.

Router is not mandatory if you can have mobile hotspot. to do so you have to install boltiot app. and the steps were explained in the course itself.

Initially just power up the bolt device. The green led indicates tht your device is on. After connecting the bolt device using your mobile hotspot or using a wifi router, link the bolt device to your network. Then you can find both the blue and green leds on in a stable fashion.