Device connection to bolt cloud

The blue and green LEDs on my bolt device is constantly glowing.
but the device status is not showing in cloud dashboard.It is showing in my phone app.

Then link the bolt module through bolt cloud

Make sure you have logged into the bolt account using the same email id.


Try to remove the device from your cloud and add it once again.
This time while adding it, make sure you’re logged into the right account on the cloud dashboard as well as the app.

Hello sai,
You just follow the steps mentioned in course to show the status of your bolt device.
You can find it in “getting started with IoT cloud”.

If you have used microsoft edge to open your cloud account then you may please try using chrome for it.

The steps that you should perform to connect your bolt device to your boltiot cloud account are,
1.install boltiot ap in your mobile and create an account with your gmail Id.
2.connect your bolt device to your laptop using the given USB cable .please use the USB cable came through your kit since it makes the bolt device to consume up to 5 volts of power supply and it will not allow the bolt device to smash due to high power supply. on add device on your boltiot app and turn off your mobile data and turn on your location and keep your mobile and the bolt device closer to each other.
4.then the blue led blinks slowly and green led is off which indicates that bolt device is transmitting wifi to connect with the boltiot cloud.
5.when the phone recognizes the bolt device the blue led blinks fastly then you need to turn on your hotspot on other mobile and connect your bolt device with the produced wifi make sure you enter the correct password.
6.when the bolt device is connected with the produced wifi ,the green led and the blue led lit stable which indicates that the bolt iot device is connected to your boltiot cloud account.
7.Now you can see the green light for the connected boltiot device in the boltiot cloud account when the above steps are done perfectly.
8.when your bolt device is off then you will see the red light for the connected device in boltiot cloud account.