Device ID not found

As I cannot find my device ID and green light is stable on the module, which shows that it is connected to the cloud. I’m not able to reset it again, what is the procedure to replace that bolt microcontroller?

To reset we need to disconnect the wifi of wifi module.It can be done by changing wifi password which is connected to the module.It automatically goes to the initial stage of module and there by you can restart the process of connecting module to cloud using android application …If this works please mark it as solution or else ping me the further problem

Hi there,
Try to reconnect the bolt to the cloud by changing your wifi or hotspot connection or check the mail address whether its same or leave the device on for some time(like five to ten minutes) and check for the bolt wifi network, it might show your devices status. If not try connecting the device for alternate network.

Hey there,
Instead of trying to change your wifi password, you could probably try turning off your wifi,
and connecting the device to an alternate wifi connection, which could reset its connection to the cloud, possibly making it discoverable. Hope this turns out to be helpful.