Device is already linked to my old account

Device is already linked to my old account and I won’t to change my linked account because old account is not my Bolt cloud account so what can I do for change that account.

If your old account is not bolt account, how is that linked to that account? How did you link your bolt module with that account?

@akshayan.sinha The gmail account on which i purchased the course and which I connected the kit are different. So how can I connect my kit to that gmail account on which I have purchased the course

Can you access the gmail account with which you purchased the course?

yes it is accessible.

Did you try logging in to with that email?

actually I had log in with both the mails. So this problem is created.

You can link your bolt module to whichever account you wish. That’s not the issue.

All you have to do is,

go to and in Devices section click Add New Device and follow the steps.

I am assuring if you still have access to your training module.

@akshayan.sinha Thank you for doubt solving.

Did you link your module?

@akshayan.sinha yes…its link

My device is connected to cloud account, as i logged in that account with gmail(same email id) today, I can’t access the cloud account. The device shows its connected. It seems like the gmail account is linked with the cloud account but still the device is connected to the cloud account.Tried all the methods mentioned above.

redirecting to google sign in