Device linking to product

I am unable to link product to device on bolt cloud . Help me to do so

Make sure your bolt module is powered ON and the blue and green light are stable. If its so, then check your internet connection may b its because you have a weak connection. Also make sure your wifi is set at 2.4Ghz. Bolt Iot module will only support 2.4Ghz.
Also try connecting your bolt module directly in a plug point other than connecting to laptop usb port. It may result in low input power.

*** Make sure that at no point do the 3.3V (or even 5V) and GND pins or wires coming out of them touch each other. If you short power to Ground without a resistor even accidentally, the current drawn might be high enough to destroy the Bolt module***

If all of these is done correctly disconnect the bolt device from wifi and try reconnecting it to a different network.

If nothing works for you please attach a screenshot regarding your problem with the matter explained well in the query section.

Hope this helped you