Device not detected in Bolt Cloud Platform

Even though someone posted about this problem before, the solution given to them did not worked for me, I tried logging in and logging out several times but still my cloud platform couldn’t find the device. I tried checking if the bolt device is connected to another network but it is connected to the same wifi network I have registered the device on . Please help me overcoming this issue/bug. Thanks in advance.

Well To register the Bolt Wifi module to your account you have to:

  1. Download Bolt app on android store from the play store.
  2. sign in or create new accound in the app
  3. The app will automatically detect the wifi module that would be around you. Provided the Bolt Wifi Module is switched on
  4. when you have registered your bolt via Bolt module app it will automatically link it to your
    account that you logged in to the ANDROID bolt app

after this you can log into to the Bolt cloud and you can then link the device by creating the
product via products option on the Bolt cloud

I fixed the issue, i was logging in to bolt platform through wrong email Id and I realized it later, thank you so much.

I think the issue will be in your wifi i.e. it shuldn’t be showing internet though it is connected.And you can even change your wifi connection or your own hotspot and try it.