Device not visible

I have configured the bolt device for the first time. The device is connected to the cloud as both the blue and green lights are on and stable as well. Even on the cloud page it shows me that the device has been added but the device is not visible hence I cannot deploy any configuration. What should I do?
However the device is visible in the products tab but from there you cannot deploy configurations.

please do retry connecting from first. so that it might show in the hardware

Please cheak it in your mobile app i.e Boltiot aap in your android, cheak wheater the bolt Wifi is connected wheater in your android App or not. If it is connected your android app then it should be connected in your Pc. If not connected in pc still then reload or refresh the page.

sign out and login again or refresh page

Hi @parikshitdixit04,

Please check this thread Dashboard problem

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hi @parikshitdixit04 I am facing the same issue as you have described. Both my LEDs are glowing in a stable form, but the bolt device is not added to my profile yet. I also tried repeating the setup but the device is no more giving a hotspot. How did you resolve this issue?

Hi @abduls.17.beau,

You can log in to your Bolt Cloud Dashboard to disconnect wifi from your Board. If your board is not present on Bolt Cloud Dashboard then turn off your wifi router. Your Bolt device will again start transmitting wifi. You can then do the setup part again.

Do let me know if you are still stuck.