Device offline problem

I actually gave the wrong wifi credentials while linking
so the device is always offline
when I tried to link again it shows the device is already linked to this account

Try connecting to some other wifi network and try to connect it once again.I had the same problem when I tried to connect it to a different wifi network.It got connected when I tried it for about five times.

hi @dineshkumar.18ec
For the device to be online, it should be connected to the Wi-Fi as well as the cloud i.e. both blue & green lights should be stable while glowing.
The blue light will start blinking as soon as you connect the USB cable & power on the switch. You need to connect to the WiFi to which you have connected the Bolt (By entering it- SSID and Password) via bolt iot app. If you’ve entered wrong credentials, try again and it will ask you to choose the correct Wi-Fi Network. Once, the bolt is connected to your WI-Fi Router Blue LED will be stable.
(Make sure you keep your phone near to the bolt with its location on)

While using it, you will have to connect your computer/phone to the same WiFi network to which you connected your Bolt.
And, that’s it when this setup is complete i.e. your phone/pc and the bolt are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Green Light will be stable which indicates bolt is connected to the cloud.

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