Device shared publically

Hi ,
I am Namrata Chilwant.
I just started my boltiot training.Today I done my first project they have given there .Light monitoring systems. It’s cool. But I have shared my device publically by mistake and I got mail. But after clicking confirmation and ok .There is nothing display like any link or all. So how it can be shared publicly.
Is there any harm to my device despite there is no link sharing anywhere.
Please anyone can tell me about this issue.
I hope you all are getting me.
Suggest some tips and relax me at my peace.


Can you go to the device sharing section [3 vertical dots to the right side of the device section on cloud].
Check if the sharing is still ON or OFF.

Regardless of the status, until and unless you share the link [visible if sharing is ON] with anyone, no one can access the device.

Thanks sir
I got it .
thank you so much .