Devices is already linked to some other account error while setting up the device

my app is showing that my device is already linked to another account but this is the first time im using the device. i think bolt people sent me used product, i want to exchange my wifi module with new one

Hi @sujitkulkarni64,

Please share your device id with us. I will reset your device from our side. The name of the Bolt hotspot is the device id. Before shipping the Bolt kit to customer, our dev team do the testing and sometime they missed the unlinking part.

BOLT292977 is the device id

Hi @sujitkulkarni64,

I have reset your device. Please follow the setup process again to link your account to your Bolt Cloud account.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

my device is already linked to existing account please can you reset my device ?


Please share the email ID of the account, your device is linked with.